To ensure your video is of the highest quality and formatted correctly for both YouTube and the festival awards show, please refer to the following suggested guidelines:
Resolution/Aspect Ratio: 720p – 1280x720: This is our recommended ratio and is the ratio we’ll use for projecting the awards program. It is not mandatory that your video meets this setting. Videos at this aspect ratio or larger will be shown full screen. Smaller videos, to maintain their quality, will be shown at their original size.
30 Frames per second (FPS): Again, this is the recommended frame rate used for all BVF promotional and program videos, but it is not mandatory that your video meets this rate.
File Format: mov/mp4: Your video can be in a different format but may require conversion, which may affect the quality.
Upload the Original to your DropBox folder: Whatever the ratio, FPS, or file format, when you upload your video, upload the final original, not a copy.
Entrants will be sent details on where to upload the videos by email.

Video Categories and Maximum Video Lengths
These are the categories and maximum video lengths for each. The set lengths are not meant to be exact – a bit shorter, a little longer – no problem. But if your video is a lot longer, please let us know. And keep in mind that the length of your video is one thing the judges will be considering. When you upload your video, send us an Email to let us know you’ve done so and let us know which category your video belongs to.
Animals and Pets: 2 minutes
Comedy: 2 minutes
Commercial: 1 minute
Documentary: 2 minutes
Musical: 4 minutes 
Professional: 2 minutes 
Promotional & Non-Profit: 2 minutes
Travel & Adventure: 2 minutes 
Judging Criteria
This year’s judge’s panel is made up of retired video/film industry professionals along with last years 1st and 2nd place festival winners. We have put together a list of criteria for them to consider.
Concept & Writing:  Video is focused, logical and sensible.
Creativity:Skill, imagination, and uniqueness shown.
Audience Appeal:Audience interest is developed and sustained.
Objective Met:In, around, about, or related to Boquete. Effectively supports theme/category.
Camera/Videography:Camera work used effectively to enhance story.
Lighting:Creatively and effectively used no matter the source.
Audio/Sound:Clear and well balanced. Music appropriate, effective, supports narrative.
Editing:Enhances and effectively moves the story forward. Seamless.
Special Effects:Used to enhance story and not for their own sake.
Graphics/titles:Appropriate. Used effectively to enhance the message.
Brand Integration:Brand integration is effectively incorporated.
Performance: Actors/singers/narrators are engaging, believable, and professional